The return of Game of Thrones!

Winter is technically on its way out but in the fictional world of Westeros it’s only just beginning!

If the above status means nothing to you then you obviously missed the epic ten part series that aired last spring on Sky Atlantic.
And if you read the above and think I’m way behind the times then you’ve obviously read the books!

For me it was the tv series that reeled me in to this epic fantasy saga! However I’ve since discovered that the series of books the show is based on are just as addictive. The series by  George R. R. Martin  A song of Ice and Fire currently has five books to its name, with another two in the pipe line.  And lovers of both the books and tv series will know that series one barely scratched the surface of the saga!

Before I watched GoT I had always thought of myself as a person who hated fantasy(with the exception of The Hobbit). However, after one episode I was hooked!!!

The first series is released on DVD at the beginning of March which gives new fans to watch the first series just in time for the second. And if the trailer for series 2 (which starts April 2nd on Sky Atlantic) is anything to go by, you won’t want to miss out!

But I must warn you, as this Daily Mash article points out, GoT has a way of pulling people deep in to the world of fantasy films and novels.

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  1. Can’t wait for this!


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