Bear Accessories

Whether you love Bears or not, the Bear themed accessories that I’ve found are sure to get you excited! (Unless you have a phobia of Bears because in that case you might not want to read on)

Even though in reality I know that if I came face-to-face with a 1500 pound bear its first thought would probably not be to hug me, I still like to dream about the hug happening.  Then in the years to follow I like to think that my new best bear friend and I will regularly meet up and holiday together; when they aren’t too busy sleeping. Well its nice to dream…

My love affair with bears blossomed from a young age thanks to an addiction to the children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and both the books and films of Winnie-the-Pooh.

 Although long before I could read I made friends with a stuffed bear who actually has been on holiday with me and also hugged me for the past 18 years. A lovely teddy named Edward, however he prefers to go by the name Ted.

But anyway enough about my childhood lets talk about making an ode to these beautiful animals through handmade accessories for both you and your home.

First of all lets start with an obvious choice…


Whether you like subtle or statement jewellery there’s something out there for you…

The beautiful little bear head to the left is in fact a ring that’s available from PinkFloweCube for £9.18. I love the detail of this and the quaint feel it has!

If brooches are more your thing this cute little wooden one, to the right, is perfect for you! And those cute bear eyes seem to hard to resists…
The brooch is available from depeapa for £13.11.

This unique looking bracelet features an image of a real bear that has been slightly edited to give it a more vintage feel. The vintage feel of this brass cuff also seems to give it an air of elegance. It is available from madebydaisy for £18.

However, if a realistic looking bear isn’t what you’re after, this kooky looking necklace may be just up your street! It’s bright and colourful and essentialy a fun piece of jewellery. It is available from JessQuinnSmallArt for £27.

Home accessories
If jazzing up your home is what you love doing best, the bear-utiful items below might just entice you to part with your cash…

If I owned this plate I’d probably hang it on a wall rather than use it on the table because it’s such a lovely plate! But if your braver than me, it’s sure to be a plate that everyone gets jealous of when they come round yours for cake and a chat.
The plate is available from jimbobart  and costs £22.56.

Next up is this adorable print by katieviggers of the Bear Family. It costs £14 and would add a touch of sweetness to any wall that it’s placed on!

This cute little sleepy bear deserves to be placed on a shelf in a cosy kitchen!  And with its handsome looking hat and bow, it’d be hard to refuse this hibernating bear a nice home.
This tea/coffee pot costs £29.98 and is available from BOshop.

The final item of this post is a print of a sensible polar bear, who loves nothing more than wearing a wooly jumper and going on bike riders. A perfect companian! The print is available from jangoArts and costs £8.17.

For more Bear related Accesories check out this pinterest board I’ve put together. It’s a board that I will be constantly updating, so feel free to follow it!

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  1. CUTE concept.

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