My Top Three Girly Dr Martens

If I could afford it, my shoe collection would be almost entirely made up of Dr.Martens shoes.

From their amazingly comfortable air cushioned soles to their thick, long-lasting heels and soles; Dr.Martens are in my eyes the perfect shoe.

Many people seem skeptical when you first tell them you love Dr.Martens which may be down to the fact they instantly imagine big, bulky, laced shoes. But as I’m about to show you, there’s a girly side of Dr Martens out there that everyone should embrace and her are my three favourites at the moment…

My Top three Dr.Martens shoes

Before I give my reasons as to why these shoes are my favourite, I feel I should first discuss the prices. Although these aren’t the cheapest shoes available I feel they are well worth the price because they are so durable and extremely comfortable! And on that note, lets begin…

1. Dr Martens Deirdre Shoe

In my opinion this lovely leather shoe has such a cute look about it! From the t-bar cut out to the buckle, everything about it reminds me of the shoes that I once wore as a little girl; which is perhaps why I love them so much.

But if pink isn’t your thing don’t worry because this style of shoe is also available in white, burgundy and black.

If I owned these shoes then I would definitely be wearing them with some super cute lace/frilly socks, a blouse with a peter pan collar, and a nice and summery skirt!

2.Dr Martens Carrie Shoe

In terms of shape this shoe is very similar to the Deirdre shoe however unlike the Deirdre shoe it is fastened with laces. I really like its wild flower look as it is quite subtle but very pretty at the same time.

If I owned these I’d be tempted to once again pair them with some lace socks. However I think they’d look pretty cool with some skin coloured tights and a big flowy dress!

3.Dr Martens Sita Shoe

Everyone loves a good wedge shoe, right?  Their perfect regardless of  the season and in my opinion they’re the most comfortable high shoes out there. I was drawn to this pair of shoes because they are both smart and fun and also because they would look pretty dandy when teamed with a nice blazer or waistcoat.

The shoe is also available in grey and blue and both colours look just as cool.

If I owned these shoes there’s probably not an outfit I wouldn’t team them with but if I had to pick one, I would wear them with an outfit with a hippy feel and maybe some long feather earings!

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