Pamper time: Really Cool Lush Bath Bombs

According to today is Hot Tub Day. But since the nearest thing I have to a hot tub is a bath, I thought it would be pretty suiting to explore the world of Lush bath bombs…lushbathbombslushbathbombs by bryony22 on

1.The Carrot


This quirky little carrot comes just in time for Easter. And if you’ve given up something for lent, this would be the perfect addition to a celebration bath!

  2.Magic Mushroom                                 

   This may perhaps be the cutest mushroom you’ll ever see. And considering it smells of strawberry and vanilla assume it will also be the nicest mushroom you ever smell.

3.The Immaculate Eggception


One giant egg that contains one cute little chick, sounds like bath bomb heaven, right? This is one alternative easter egg that  I’d be very happy to receive!

4.Leap Frog


Hop your way into bath heaven with this cute little frog.  In this case it seems that instead of kissing the prince frog   it would be a much better idea to throw him in the bath and enjoy the delicious smells.

5.Think Pink

  The super girly part of my brains means that because I love flowers and pink, I absolutely love this bath bomb. So I guess that this would be the perfect bath bomb to use when you fancy feeling like a pampered princess!
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