The weird and wonderful world of Matryoshka Dolls

For the past few months I’ve been studying Russian Language and today I had my final exam for the  module.  Learning Russian has  opened my eyes to Russians Cultures and traditions so I thought I would today look at  Matryoshka dolls (nesting dolls) as they are a traditional russian item that is now loved worldwide!

After searching through I’ve collected examples of the many different dolls out there…

The Traditional Doll

Traditional, pretty and available sersonart .

The Living Dead Doll

A little more edgier than the traditional doll and perfect for any zombie lover out there. However, if you don’t fancy gore all year round, you could always replace your traditional doll set for this one during Halloween, to add a bit of quirky horror to your home! This set is available from licoricewits.

The Gaga Doll

This gagalicious set would be the perfect item for any little monsters out there!  But if you’re not a fan there are also dolls of Madonna and the Harry Potter crew available from artmatryoshka.

The Cat Doll

These days cats are everywhere on the internet and its pretty hard to spend ten minutes on YouTube without coming across five cat videos. So, in terms of the internet these cats are pretty cool. However, if like me you’re not a big cat fan, you’ll agree with me when I say that there’s something creepy about this set…

These kooky cats are available from Homecraftscatalog.

The Creative Doll

Expressing yourself via this doll set sounds like a pretty fun idea to me! This plain set is  also available from Homecraftscatalog.
I’ve also created a pinterest board full of all the other types of dolls I came across!

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  1. It’s always surprised me how fascinated foreigners were with those matryoshkas – I am originally from Russia and I don’t have a single one of those dolls in my house. Oh also – did you know that the original matryoshka came from the East, like China or something! Learned that in my art history class 🙂

    • oo thats interesting to know! I guess they are similar to Welsh Love Spoons in a way then, I live in Wales and only ever see them in tourist gift shops however when I’ve visited other places I’ve seen them advertised as a tradition that everyone in Wales has!

  2. My Grandparents are from the Ukrain… I remeber them always having a set of these… I have a few vintage ones myself….


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