Grr Power!


Embrace your inner monster with these funky accesories…

For the Grrrly Monster Lover

This cute little monster known as Annabell  proves that not all monsters are scary thanks to her  rosy cheeks and sweet floral clothing! Annabell is available from ThEm DoLLz by Jen Musatto.

The vintage looking zombie illustration to the right is available to be printed on a tote bag from littlesuzyhomemaker.  It’s both  Glamorous, edgy and sure to add a bit of fun to any shopping trip.

The extremely fluffy pillow to the left was knitted by knittingjumpers and is available here. And it’s sure to be loved by all ages because just by looking at it you get a strong desire to snuggle up with it!

For the Cute Monster Lover

These extremely cute felt dolls are crying out for a cuddle in a loving home.  They are available from nuffnufftoys. They would make a perfect gift for any little people in your life or for yourself; especially since the seller is willing to turn them into a keying for no extra price.

The quirky little canvas below will add a bit of fun to any room they are placed in. The set is available from SarahLouiseMacMillan.

The excitable little monster print to the left is perfect for the room of a little monster or even a grown up monster. There are several different monster designs to choose from, all of which are as cute as this one, and they can be personalised with any name.  It is available from HopSkipJumpPaper.

For the Scary Monster Lover

This scary zombie illustration would terrify me if it was placed on my bedroom wall. However, if you’re a lot braver than me and want to add a bit of gore to your house this is perfect for you. It is available from collageOrama.

This horrifying bandana is perhaps best kept for Halloween due to its extremely scary look. Also, because otherwise you would most  likely terrify your neighbours! It is available from redcoversme.

Do you prefer girly,cute or scary Monsters?

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