Live like an Explorer

1859 Delamarche Case Map of the World - Geogra...

Exploration is defined as the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it and when I think of explorers I think of ships, telescopes, maps and jungles! Therefore, I’ve rounded up some items I think every wannabe explorer needs…

A Ship

Unless you can walk on water or swim for hundreds of miles without stopping, it seems pretty vital to have a ship when on the look out for new lands.

But because ships are so expensive, unless you have a lot of disposable income you may not be able to afford one. Instead you might have to settle for something like the pendant above.  It’s also a lot less dangerous than a real ship and you wont have to worry about finding a crew. The pendant is available from rainnua for £9.21.

A Map

A  map is a necessary item for any sensible explorer because in the middle of the sea there may not be a shop you can stop at to ask for directions…

The quirky little skirt above is printed with a map of the world and is perfect for a feminine explorer; it even comes with a washable fabric pen so you can mark off where you’ve been and plan on going. It costs £35 and is available from Roobys .

However, if skirts aren’t your thing the antique map below may be more up your street.

It costs £3.82 and is available from patternsnprints.

A Notebook

A notebook is needed to jot down new discoveries and to write wonderful descriptions of them! It would also come in handy if you plan on turning your trip in to a travel book.

This notebook is perfect because of its vintage map cover! It costs £17.86 and is available from IndigoInkSpot.

A Telescope

Telescopes are very helpful when it comes to observation; so it should come as no surprise that you would need one!

This first telescope is a very funky steampunk design that would be suited to the more alternative explorer!.

It costs £108.24 and is available from steampunkdesign. However if like me you’re a bit short of money, this next telescope may be a little bit more suited to your price range…

This miniature working telescope costs £24.83  and is available from GwenDelicious. The fact that it is on a necklace could also prove advantageous in an emergency and it means your less likely to lose it.

Storage Jars

As an explorer it’s best to always be prepared as you never know when you’ll discover a new insect or plant. Therefore, you should always carry a container with you. And as long as you don’t plan on discovering anything too big, these cute little jars are perfect.And the fact that they are on key chains makes them very handy!

They are available from NetaStore  for £2.33.


Hopefully I’ve covered all the things that every wannabe explorer needs.

Would you add anything else to the list?

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