Never Grow Up: Peter Pan Inspired Jewellery

In the original story written by J.M.Barrie, Peter Pan lives on the island of Neverland and never grown up. He is the leader of the Lost Boys and has adventures where he encounters, pirates, fairies and even mermaids.

Never grow up print £8.91 by GreenNest.

This is a selection of Jewellery based on Peter Pan…

These first two items are inspired by Tinkerbell and all things fairy! The shades of green and pink on both items are lovely and I imagine they both look amazing when glittering in the sun.

The bracelet on the left costs £15.60 from  LizonesJewelry and the ear cuff costs £18.59 from NeckLineDesignz .

The colours on this mermaid inspired lace choker perfectly encompasses the ocean. It costs £39.48 from AngelfishOriginals.

The necklace on the right also incorporates the sea, however, it has a much darker, pirate feel about it! It costs £11.46 from TheLysineContingency.

The following kitsch pieces of jewellery are perfect for  lovers of the 1953 animated film and both items are of a similar style.

The earings are available from pinksugarshopp  for £10.19 and the necklace costs £7.63 from KitschBitchJewellery.


Which piece of jewellery is your favourite?

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