Style Inspiration: Little My

Earlier on today I decided to experiment with a sock bun. However my first attempts made me look  a little like Little My from The Moomins; which I’ve decided is not necessarily a bad thing. Therefore I’m using her as a style inspiration to show that she can be cool (and not just angry)…

The Hair

Little My’s signature hairstyle is a very high bun. To get a high bun the best thing to do is to get a sock bun and wrap  your hair around it. If I was great at doing hairstyles I’d make a video and show you, but because I’m not too skilled, check out this tutorial.

The  Outfit

Little My is confident with her style and knows exactly what she likes; a red dress with a pink bow. Here is a version of her outfit made up of clothes from Topshop. However, in this version of her outfit, the bow is for your hair!

Littly My

Links for Purchase : Dress, Bow, Boots.


This post would not be complete without some Little My/Moomin inspired pieces; so here are my favourite three items from etsy.

Tote Bag





I hope you enjoyed reading. Were/Are you a big fan of The Moomins?

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  1. jenabovetherainbow

     /  May 4, 2012

    this is cute! I love your hair, the bow and especially the bag ❤

  2. What an adorable little post! I love the Moomin family! Tbh, I’m not a fan of Little My but this is really cute! Love the hair, too! Btw, if you’re in the market for some Moomin goodies, is offering a wee little discount for my blog readers here: Feel free to share! Hurry, though, as discount ends 14 Nov! x


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