The Best of Topman for a Top Woman! May 2012

Everytime I visit Topman I cannot help but think about how some of the items would fit perfectly in my wardrobe. My visit yesterday was no exception to this rule, which inspired me to create this post…

1topmanThese first three pieces are all very quirky pieces of jewellery and number three is a cool alternative to the peter pan collar (which you can read more about here.) The chain bracelet to ring could also be made more girly by threading ribbon through the chain or by adding charms.

one: Cobweb Chain Bracelet To Ring

two: Feather Drop Ear Cuff

three: Engraved Chain Collar Tips

2topman The hoody above may not look particularly girly but unlike the hoody’s in the womans section it is loose fitted and very casual; I also love the print on the shoulders! I like the bag because it has an explorer theme (that you’ll know I love if you’ve read this post). It’s a fun tote bag and a perfect way to show british pride without wearing a union jack dress. The jacket on the right is very much out of my price range but for some reason I’m very much drawn to it. I think it would look super cute on a warm summer evening  paired with some denim shorts and a flowery top!

four: Light Blue Fleck Kangaroo Hoody

five: Cream Britannia Shopper

six: Percival Green Waxed Jacket

My favourite items out of these are the collar and the hoody.

Would you wear any of these items?

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  1. That jewellery is amazing… I want ’em all!


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