Pastel Persuasion

When I started seeing pastel shades of green, blue, yellow and pink filling up magazines and the high street, I must admit I was a bit hesitant. But since it dawned on me that my favourite summer jacket  is a purple pastel colour and realising that pastel does in fact suit my fair and freckled skin, I am now in love!

My first pastel buy was this soft purple nail varnish from beauty uk; which at £2.49 was a bargain. I love how sweet a colour it is and that it perfectly matches my favourite ring and coat. But the great thing about pastel is that all shades of it seem to match; as proven in the necklace below.

This necklace was my second pastel purchase (and it was kindly bought for me by my boyfriend).

It cost £5.65 from forever 21 (although student discount will give you 50p off). I feel like it’s the perfect summer accessory because it is made up of several colours and I think it would be perfectly matched with a  jumper like the one below…

At the moment all I want in my life is a green/turquoise jumper but a lack of money means that unless I win some money on the lottery, I wont be getting one anytime soon.

This jumper is from urban outfitters and is currently on sale.

I think that because this jumper is cropped it has a cute and summery vibe. However, a sale at urban outfitters for me normally means that I still can’t afford it…

Do you have a pastel wish list or is your wardrobe already full of it?

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  1. I am obsessed with pastels. I’m looking to get a few pastel dresses into my wardrobe, but unfortunately haven’t found very many that fit correctly or look good on me :[

  2. WOW! those nails! That’s my favorite color! I even used it as a theme color for my wedding!!

  3. love the nail polish!

  4. Is that teal jumper from free people? If so I have it. :0)


    • Its from Urban Outfitters 🙂 I’ve not heard of free people before but I just went on their website and I love their clothes, so thanks for making me aware of them!


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