Style Inspiration: Beetlejuice

Theres so many quirky outfits in the film Beetlejuice that it seems like a perfect muse for some fun outfits with a dark feel about them.

I’ve decided to use Betelgeuse and Lydia as the main muses for this post, I hope you enjoy!


Flaunt your love of black, white and bow ties with these inspired pieces.

beetlejuice inspired

1/ This striped cut out sun dress is super cute. It can be dressed up with girly jewellery for a cute summers look or even gothed up with some edgy jewellery to show off your feisty side!

2/ This beautiful blazer gives a subtle nod to the style of betelgeuse’s signature jacket but with a modern and smart twist.

3/ These very funky tights are perfect if you want to spice up a LBD and give new life to any outfit.

4 & 6/ These two bow ties are very funky indeed. The black and white striped one is perfect for jazzing up a white blouse and the all black brooch is perfect for a more subtle look.

5/This peplum top is very on trend at the moment. It can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for work.

Lydia Deetz

Channel your inner goth in a summery way with these edgy pieces of clothes and accessories.

lydia deetz inspireed

1/ This beautiful Strappy Sundress comes with a bodice made of lace which adds a very girly look too it.

2/ This flowing black skirt is perfect for a summer’s evening.

3/ Everyone should have a vest like this in their wardrobe. I love mine because it’s so versatile which means I can always rely on it.

4/ This dress pays a bit of homage to Betelguese and it can definitely be dressed up or down, perfect.

5/ I am definitely a lady who loves her hats and this hat is no exception to my love, it’s so sweet.

6/ I love these shoes. The best thing about them is that you can wear them regardless of the season, so they really are a great investment and they’ll go with loads of different outfits!

7/ This black nail varnish has been mixed with glitter to give it a cool edge, it’s sure to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit.

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