Britain Has Gone Patriotic Mad; If You Believe The Shops…

A selection of items in Primark

British High Street stores are currently full to the brim of bags, clothes, and even wet wipes (as show above) covered in the Union Jack and surely I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a bit cheesy? Of course I’m not because that’s why people love it, its fun!

Every shop from Topshop to Primark to Forever 21 has embraced the Union Jack ready for the The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Which means that British themed parties and Geri Halliwell’s infamous dress are once again cool.

But if you’re a bit worried about looking too cheesy check out the quirky items below and wear them in moderation…

1/This cropped jumper has such a cute feel to it.
2/This lovely bag incorporates floral and the Union Jack, lovely!
3/ This super cute top also incorporates a patter and the Union Jack but this time its geometric.
4/These adorable earings are fun and fashionable
5/Jazz up your shoes with these comforting insoles.
6/ This cute tote bag is a bargain at £1, need I say more?

1/ This shirt is very stylish with a few quirky homages to the Union Jack. I love this colour denim!

2/ These two bracelets are casual and cool.

3/ This T-Shirt is covered in London Street Names and is very casual.

Other Cool Items:


Nail Wraps


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  1. extraa-polate me

     /  May 5, 2012

    Love it!!

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