Style Inspiration: Pippi Longstocking

When I was younger I always dressed up as Pippi Longstocking for World Book Day celebrations; I even had a monkey cuddly toy to complete the look. I loved dressing up as Pippi because we have the same colour hair (which made me happy) and because she’s a very cool girl with a very fun look.

The Hair

Pippi’s Signitare hair style is very cute and fun. But because I can’t plait hair (sadly) you can check out this awesome tutorial from craftzine to find out how to recreate her look.

The Outfit

I never needed to buy any new clothes when I dressed up which is why I’ve made this outfit out of items you would normally find in a wardrobe, just not worn in this way.

I love how cute the jumper and denim summer dress look together and the stripe, bright pink tights and boots help show the tough side of Pippi; she is the worlds strongest girl after all.
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  1. Although I adored Pippi’s show as a kid (still remember the song), but wouldn’t wear her Great style recreation though : )

  2. Thanks 🙂 I don’t think I would casually wear the whole of this outfit out, the odd tights are a bit too daring for me!

  3. Pippi was the strongest girl ever! I really enjoyed watching it but it probably is one of those things that if you watch again when your older the magic will disappear!

  4. Yeah thats true, best to keep it as a fun memory unless theres some little children in your family that you can pass the magic on to! 🙂

  1. If it’s not going to be scary, it should at least be funny, right? « bryonysbrain
  2. Három mese szülőszemmel | Pannóca

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