Super Awesome Tights!

I’m forced to buy tights a lot  more often than I’d like to because my clumsy nature means that I’m always falling over or getting caught on something. However, if I owned the tights below I’d have to be very careful because they’re a little pricier than a plain pair of tights and a lot funkier!

I’ve paired the tights up with an outfit I think compliments them. I hope you enjoy…

Butterfly Tights

This first pair of tights look rather ordinary from the front but provide are pleasant surprise when seen from the back; a surprise that is guaranteed to make any outfit look a lot sweeter. I’ve paired them with a dress from Topshop that has floral detailing on the shoulders and like the tights it is understated yet cute. The shoes and hair clips are, in my opinion, the perfect finishing touches to the outfit.

Tie Dye Tights
Tie Dye has recently crept its way back on to the cool list which is great because it’s the perfect pattern for a chilled summer look. These tie dye tights are quite a bold item though which is why I’ve paired them with a  white sweetheart top , white high tops and a casual pair of light denim shorts; three cute but simple pieces.
Car Print Tights - Topshop

These car print tights are very unique and need an outfit that’s just as fun as they are which is where this super cute skirt and lace top come in handy; topped off with some cute wedges.

What sort of  outfit would you wear with these tights?

Or would you rather stick to a plain coloured pair?

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  1. I love tights to jazz up an outfit! Those butterfly ones are gorgeous, so adorable xxx

  2. Its great how much of a difference they can make. I think the butterfly ones are my fave as well, so cute!

  3. Love this post! The cat print tights are insanely good!

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