Style Inspiration: Ashley Spinelli

Ashley Spinelli, better known as just Spinelli due to her hatred of The Ashley’s, has an edgy signature style.

Making girly outfits edgier has been popular for quite a while now as girls try to show they mean business . It’s also a fun way to jazz up an outift and a great way to give an old dress a new meaning. But most of all it’s something that Spinelli does well. As despite constantly wearing a top that resembles a dress and some quirky tights, she toughens her outfit up with a leather jacket and a pair of boots to prove that she’s as feisty as she makes out to be.

This outfit is a homage to Spinelli. It incorporates her signature red and leather jacket look but instead of boots it features a pair of very cool black sandals. Her orange striped tights have also been replaced by a more tame black stripe pair to make the outfit more appealing for a night out.

ashley Spinelli

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