Shoes, I just can’t help but love them…

my dream shoes

I’m not quite sure when my obsession with shoes started but maybe its a gene I was born with seeing as my Mother, Sister and Grandmother share the obsession. It must be something they passed on…

My earliest memory of shoe love was a pair of flowery boots that I’d spotted in a catalogue when I was about six. Luckily for me my mother also loved them because they were fun and practical. Although waiting for them to arrive was intense especially since at that age I didn’t have much grasp on how long an order took to be processed and dispatched.

The downside for me is that I’m heavy on my feet which means that shoes just don’t have as long a life as I’d like them to; unless they’re able to be reheeled, which flats and platforms just don’t have the option of.

I recently lost my favourite pair of platform shoes, to wear and tear,which has made me rethink a lot of outfits and mourn their loss every time I see someone in a similar pair. I probably should have stopped wearing them a lot sooner than I did because the platform was extremely worn down and wobbly. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it until I started falling in them every time I wore them due to their instability.

The two shoes in the picture above are the shoes I’m most longing for at the moment but the platform shoe is still my ultimate shoe!

Whats your favourite style of shoe? Let me know with a comment (and maybe a picture!)

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