Style Inspiration : The Ladies of The Flintstones

The Flintstones is a well-loved show but have you ever thought about using Wilma, Betty and Pebbles as style inspiration? Well I have! And below are my interpretations of their outfits …

First up is Baby Pebbles. Her look is adorable and her hair is always tied at the top of her head and fastened with a bone which is why I’ve incorporated bone themed jewellery into the outfit below.


An animal print top would be a way to obvious (and not as cute) choice which is why I opted for a sequin crop top instead. It’s very summery and the sequins give the top a very cool effect. The top looks great with the blue acid hot pants and nude platform sandals; as together they look laid back and fun.

The Jewellery is definitely the coolest part of this outfit though. I was so happy to stumble across it.  The bone earings give the illusion that a bone is going through your ear which is rather quirky and the ring looks like a simple chained ring until you look closer and realise it’s actually mini bones, awesome!

Next up is Wilma; a lady who loves white and big necklaces.


I decided to make this outfit smart and feminine. The white peplum dress is a fashionable choice and the peplum itself pays homage to the bottom of Wilma’s signature dress. It is complemented by the white court shoes.

Naturally, Wilma’s necklace needs to incorporate pearls and the necklace above uses pearls in a very interesting way. The pearl beads are attatched to a chunky chain which helps add a bit of colour and edge to the outfit. The ring also adds colour and pays homage to the pterodactyl as it is in the shape of a claw.

The final lady is Betty, the only non red-head of the three.



Because of her dark hair I decided to make Betty’s outfit edgy in a rock chick sort of way. This is why I opted for a feminine, and unusual cut out dress, paired with a rocking leather jacket to toughen things up!

The shoes and ring also incorporate a more tough side with a feminine touch. The black shoes are made extra girly with the addition of the bow. And the  black ring is made less harsh by the floral patterned band.

And just to make sure no one feels left out…

For the ultimate Flinstones look you could invest in this super amazing outfit for your four legged friend.

You’d be barking mad not too!



I hope you enjoyed my post and I’m keen to know…Which look is your favourite?

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  1. Thank you for Following ! Your Cartoon Muses’ posts are something different and fun. I like the outfits you did for Wilma and Betty, and the fact that you turned the latter into a rock chick 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. I just bought a dress similar to Betty’s from JC Penny’s sale rack for $7! Best. Deal. Ever.

  1. If it’s not going to be scary, it should at least be funny, right? « bryonysbrain

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