Style Inspiration: Flora and Chloris

Flora and Chloris

In Mythology Flora and Chloris were both associated with Flowers.

Flora is known in Roman Mythology as Goddess of Flowers and Spring and Chloris is associated with Spring, Flowers and New Growth in Greek Mythology.

c. 1485-1487

I’ve decided to use the idea of a Goddess of Flowers as a style inspiration and I’m going to try and imagine what a modern day version would look like.

When I stumbled across the picture above of Flora it instantly reminded me of Florence + The Machines video for Rabbit Heart which you can watch here

As you can see from the pictures below, the clothes and accessories in the video are delicate in colour and look, flowing and flowery; perfect for Flora or Chloris.

In order to get some further inspiration for the outfit I created this mood board to help get  more of a sense of the outfit I wanted to create.

flora// mood board

The final look

The final look is light in colour and full of jewellery! And best of all, every item is available on the high street.

I picked the dress because it is long and flowing and has a carefree summer feel about it. The floral top is to be layered over the dress to transform it into something even more special.

The jewellery helps create a magical feel as all the pieces transform the outfit to a whole new level of sweetness.


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  1. That mood board is stunning!

  2. Glad you like it! 🙂

  3. I love the mood board too… gorgeous!

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