Style Inspiration: As Told By Ginger

Todays style inspiration comes from Ginger Foutley who in my opinion is one of the coolest tv characters ever; especially since she didn’t always wear the same outfit. And because of this, I’m going to put a modern twist on two of her outfits. With the first outfit based on the picture above!

As Told by Ginger 1

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I tried to create a more mature version of the outfit while still maintaining how comfortable and fun it looks! And I think I’ve achieved it with the help of silk trousers and a super cute cropped shirt.
This next look is a more formal look that also encompasses cute vibes!
as told by ginger 2

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Which look is your favourite? Leave a comment!

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  1. Interesting idea! I love the second outfit, the only thing I’d change is the shoes and that’s just my own personal taste.

  2. I think the first outfit is so stylish, it could be used as an everyday outfit for work and it could also transition into a night outfit! I love how you put together the outfit from a simple picture!

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