Style Inspiration: Zombie Chic

Zombie moodboard

Halloween may be a few months away but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a little gore in to your life regardless of  the time of year! And Zombie chic is the perfect way to do this!

When I think of Zombies I think, blood, shredded clothes, and gormless expressions. The first two can be incorporated in to a look but I think it’s better the latter was left exclusively to the living dead.

I’ve put together the perfect  Zombie Chic look on a pinterest board. In it I channelled grunge , blood-red lips and added a splash of edgy jewellery!

All the items are available from the high street although I must admit the gillet is extremely out of my price range! But as a mood board it’s perfect for me to work with next time I’m out shopping and fancy channelling my inner Goth. And I hope it’ll be a useful inspiration to you too!
The highlight of the board for me has to be these shoes by irregular choice.

I love how they’re both edgy and pretty! The floral pattern  and bow are two girly touches I live for but the studs take these shoes to a whole new level of cool that I would love to own!

On my board I also mentioned that smokey eyes would add a great touch. So, if you’re planning on creating the smokey eyed look and not sure how check out this handy seven step guide.

Another perfect addition to the look are the ripped tights. They’re grungy and ripped which to me screams zombie and adds a lovely finishing touch to the  look.

Overall, I think it’s about time that the undead was brought back to life and this is the perfect way to do it!

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